Stainless steel is in our DNA. Our engineers and designers are obsessed with it. It is also our business. It has been so since 1963 when the first stainless steel sink was manufactured at our factory. The rest, as they say, is history.

We have since then graduated to producing a range of luxury stainless steel products that have been lauded for their originality and design aesthetic. Our most recent endeavor is Neelnox. A range of designer stainless steel mosaics, Bath Accessories and Y l S H E L F, a ground breaking series of stainless steel niches and shelves. Neelnox products available through a nationwide network of exclusive dealers.

Ever since it’s inception, Neelnox has been committed to innovating and introducing new products in the design and luxury segment. The aesthetics of the metal mosaic which had once been defined by just a metal “face” have been re-engineered at Neelnox to give it an appealing texture, dimension, depth and character. The result has been nothing short of extra-ordinary. The range of Bath Accessories, with over 600 sku's is quite possibly the largest range manufactured from stainless steel. For the elite architect, interior designer or design centric home owner, there is no substitute.

"With almost 5 decades of experience in designing and manufacturing luxury stainless steel products, we continue to evolve while staying attuned to the needs of a global clientele."
"Break all barriers of thoughts that shape existing products. Reinvent The Necessities. Rethink them. Recreate Them."

Design is to civilization as civilization is to life. As we evolved as human beings, we went on to create civilizations. And as civilizations reached their advanced stages, the development of design became an inevitability. Design soon became the beacon of extra ordinary effort. The effort to make the world a beautiful place. A well functioning place. We often approach products, both new and existing ones, with a goal of breaking the barriers of thoughts that have engulfed them and shaped them into their current existence. It is this approach that has led us to introduce some of the products that world hadn’t yet seen. Try to reinvent the necessities and rethink them till they’ve been recreated.


Originality and uniqueness are inherent in Neelnox products. The flagship design, Z-15X, is a testament to this culture that has been cultivated at the company since the first day of its establishment. Z-15X, studded with authentic Swarovski crystals is the industry’s first and only mosaic to incorporate stainless steel and crystals.

The textured series is yet another original Neelnox innovation. It is as beautiful as it is functional. While it has an inimitable chemistry with light, it conceals what most people dread in stainless steel-finger prints and scratches.
In the Bath Accessories category, Collection Beaumont, Arte and Grande are timeless collections with attention to details which had been completely missing in the industry. Collection Inspire and Exponent redefine modern luxury with design being the one and only driving factor.
Y | SHELF range of stainless steel niches and shelving have continuously been evolving with many more finishes and remains the only collection of niches available in undermount and flushmount profiles.

 To bring to the Industry the very best designer stainless steel products, year after year.


Stainless steel is a green product. It is the preferred material for green building throughout the world. With a minimal impact on the environment and it’s incredible longevity, it is a go-to material for sustainable living. It is 100% recyclable and has amongst the lowest of CO2 emissions required for production. It’s carbon footprint is significantly smaller. To take all this a step further, it is virtually maintenance free which further lightens it’s life cycle impact on our planet.

"Go Green. Stainless Steel is Sustainable & Eco-Friendly"
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