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Model Y-115-P
Size 36” (W) x 9” (D) x 5/8” (H)
Finish Polished
Material SS 304 Grade
Hardware Included, Concealed
Model : Y-115-BLK


  • Premium 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Equipped with SoundDefy™ noise concealing technology
  • Concealed hardware included for a seamless installation.
  • Double walled stainless steel construction ensures that no screws are visible after installation.

Design that is subtle, yet bold. Minimal and still has a phenomenal impact. This is Series 100. Characterized by careful attention to detail and immaculate craftsmanship, it is entirely hand crafted from the best quality of stainless steel. All corners are hand finished and hand filed to perfection. Each piece takes hours to make. It is a realization of our obsession with perfection. Available at just 5/8" thin and with sizes as large as 60", there isn't a single screw or hardware visible after installation. This was achieved by ingenious engineering of what we call the PlankScrew which enables the larger sizes to handle quiet a lot of load, while all you see is the beautiful and sleek Y | SHELF.

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